Do you have old appliances lying around the house that have broken down and are collecting dust and taking up space? It might be difficult to get rid of old items like refrigerators, washing machines, and stoves. Not only are large appliances notoriously difficult to lift up and transport, but how do you know where to take them once they’ve been loaded into the car? Metro Wide Systems offers an efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly Appliance Removal and Disposal near me, so you don’t have to worry about getting rid of your old appliances.

Not only that, but we make sure your old appliances go to the proper place: whether it’s a charity if they’re still working, or a recycling facility to guarantee they’re disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.Best Junk Removal Franchise,Appliance Removal and Disposal near me

What is Appliance Removal?

Essentially, Appliance Removal and Disposal near me is the process of giving your old appliances, or at least their parts, a new lease on life. If you’ve only had your old washer or dryer for a few years and it’s still in good working order, for example, you’ll nearly always be able to find a new home for it. That’s because you gently used but still, functional appliances are still valuable.

The first step is to get rid of them. The most difficult aspect of appliance removal is that it is almost never a do-it-yourself project. The majority of huge appliances are far too heavy for one person to handle. Even with two people, the process still necessitates the use of tools such as a hand truck or furniture dolly, furniture straps, and, ideally, duct tape or packaging tape to keep the pieces together. Recovery Appointment Request – NYC gov.

A proper vehicle is also required for appliance removal, which does not include your new Prius! A tiny dryer or mini-fridge may fit in a few larger hatchbacks, but this is usually a job for a pickup truck or even a trailer. And keep in mind that appliance removal includes moving the appliance out of the house, to the curb, and onto the back of the vehicle or onto the trailer.

Why is Removal and Proper Disposal of Appliances Important?

There are approximately 200 million residential refrigerators/freezers, 40 million window air conditioning units, and 15 million dehumidifiers in the United States alone. Over 20 million refrigerators and freezers are secondary units in people’s basements or garages. These supplementary units are frequently older, less efficient ones that are under-utilized but preserved for backup.

Each year, over nine million refrigerators and freezers, six million window air conditioners, and roughly one million dehumidifiers are discarded. These appliances would be properly removed and disposed of if they were properly removed and disposed of:

The environmental implications of removing and properly disposing of obsolete refrigerated equipment can be enormous, despite the sheer number of refrigerated appliances that are taken out of operation each year. The graph below depicts the environmental benefits of removing obsolete units from the electrical system and properly disposing of them.

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The following are some of the appliance removal services offered by metro-wide systems:

TV/CRT Disposal: Didn’t you forget how heavy these things were? No worries; metro-wide networks’ One Call service will remove them for you and ensure that they are recycled. We just saved your back—thank you!

Removal of the Hot Tub: That hot tub used to be the life and soul of the party. It no longer works, or it isn’t as enjoyable as it once was. Our team is prepared to disassemble it for you, load it onto the truck, and recycle as much as possible. Now that you’ve reclaimed your room, you may build your new happy spot.

Mattress and Box Spring Removal: These are two items that are difficult to get rid of. You’re in luck since the One Call Metro Wide system is ready, willing, and able to assist you in removing them. You can sleep well knowing they’ve gone to a better place.

If you want the best Appliance Removal and Disposal near me for your home or office, call Metro Wide Systems today and have your Appliance Removal and Disposal near me at a low cost.